Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP

Until the start of the marathon:
Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP
is one of the most prestigious and popular marathon events in the world. It attracts thousands of participants from different countries due to its fast and flat route, favorable weather conditions, and lively atmosphere.
The marathon takes place along the beautiful and historical streets of the city of Valencia, located on the eastern coast of Spain. Participants have the opportunity to cover a distance of 42.195 kilometers, passing by landmarks such as city squares, parks, bridges, and cathedrals.

This event is one of the most anticipated in the marathon calendar and attracts a multitude of runners, ranging from professionals to running enthusiasts.

The Valencia Marathon is open to everyone, regardless of their level of preparation. Here you can meet experienced athletes striving to beat their personal records, as well as beginners who embrace the challenge and aim to conquer this landmark distance.

The marathon organizers provide extensive support for participants throughout the course. This includes refreshment stations, medical assistance, as well as a rich cultural program and various entertainment activities along the route.

Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP
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In the standard slot:
* New Balance T-shirt, medal, gift bag after the finish line.

In the premium slot:
-Choice of bib number
-Paella party
-Sightseeing tour + 1 companion
-Access to VIP area and refreshments for runners + 1 person
-Personalised certificate with race time and course map
-Medal engraving
-Breakfast Run + 1 person
-Individual locker and changing area after the race
-Official photo at the finish line

We can offer you accommodation in two hotels with double rooms and breakfast included, located in the historical center of Valencia.
Stay dates are from November 29th to December 2nd.
You can purchase rooms for yourself, or share with other participants.

CATALONIA EXCELSIOR 4* is located 2.8 km from the start and finish line.

NOVOTEL VALENCIA LAVANT 4* is located 5 km from the start and finish line.

* The hotel sales department will contact you after purchase.
* If you need insurance, select "yes", and a manager will contact you.
* Visa services include (application filling, document verification, scheduling for the nearest date, consultation)

Additional fees:
Round-trip flight.
Payment for the consular fee at the visa center.
Interesting facts about Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP:
The Valencia Marathon is often referred to as one of the fastest in the world due to its flat course and favorable weather conditions.

— One of the fastest marathons in the world is Valencia. Its flat course, perfect weather conditions, and incredible city views make the race one of the most outstanding running events on the international stage.

— The Maraton Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP course is certified by World Athletics and runs in a loop through the city streets, passing through the City of Arts and Sciences, winding around the Turia River Gardens by the harbor. The total distance of the route is standard - 42.195 km. Elevation changes over the distance amount to 23.2 meters.

— The Valencia Marathon often serves as a venue for setting new records and achievements. Many runners choose this marathon to attempt setting new personal or world records due to its fast course and favorable running conditions.

— In recent years, the Valencia Marathon has actively implemented environmental initiatives aimed at reducing the event's harmful impact on the environment. This includes the use of biodegradable materials, waste recycling, and measures to reduce plastic usage.
Marathon route:
What's included
Your ticket price includes:
  • Finisher Medal
  • Finisher T-shirt
  • Cash prize (first place)
  • Entrance to the marathon
  • Drinking stations
  • Health care
  • Toilets
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