Thailand is a beautiful place with exotic plants and animals! If you have not traveled to this country yet, be sure to pay attention to it. Amazing resorts such as Pattaya, Phuket, Nan and Kwan have been delighting tourists from all over the world for many years. Here are the most incendiary parties and parties in Asia. People go to Thailand to have fun in modern nightclubs, see unusual temples, visit interesting excursions, go shopping, try original dishes and get acquainted with the culture of the Thai people.


There are two main types of climate in the country – tropical savanna climate and tropical monsoon. The climate of the central part of Thailand can be divided into three seasons: hot – from March to May, the temperature reaches +42 ° C; rainy – from June to October, temperature +26 … +32 °C, and cool – from November to February, temperature +18 … +32 °C. In the north of the country, it is cool in winter, and even cold at night, so you should take warm clothes with you. In the south from March to November it is very humid, it is better to go there from February to March.


Citizens from Kazakhstan do not need a visa to Thailand to travel for up to 30 days. You can extend your stay on the spot for a week or make a “visa run” – leave the country, return to it and get a new stamp for 30 days. In addition, it is worth taking out an insurance policy in advance for the entire duration of the trip.


Baht (THB), the official currency of Thailand, is used to pay for purchases and services. Banknotes are in circulation in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 baht.
Banks work from 8:30 to 15:30, and exchange offices, as a rule, until 21.00 – 22.00. Euros, dollars and other monetary units are not accepted for payment. The rate of the Thai Baht at hotels and inns is 10-15% lower than at exchange points. The local currency is pegged to the dollar, stock up before the trip in conventional units for exchange on the spot. Upon arrival, do not rush to change funds at the first point, check out the exchange rate at your hotel and the nearest exchangers, choose the most suitable option.

  • Thailand has been able to acquire many unique monuments in its history. Everywhere here you can find a huge number of wonderful sculptures, murals and decorations of outstanding Thai style. Thailand is a huge number of museums and temples in Bangkok – the smallest, lost in the maze of city streets and jungle, hidden from the eyes of ordinary tourists, in an ensemble of huge and respectable temples, such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok.
  • The sights of Thailand are diverse: here modern buildings are closely intertwined with numerous ancient shrines.
  • In Phuket, it is worth visiting the show with the participation of elephants, snakes and monkeys. Climb to the observation deck and see Phuket through the eyes of the Big Buddha. On excursions, you can learn to determine whether the pearls are natural and buy jewelry at competitive prices; get to know the “sea gypsies”.
  • Pattaya will not let anyone get bored. For those who like excursions, we recommend visiting the Million-Year Stone Park. Petrified tree trunks resemble animals and birds, people and fabulous creatures. Animal lovers and families with children should visit Khao Kheow Safari Park and Si Racha Zoo, home to tigers. The zoo is located in the open air. Of course, one cannot but honor the numerous temples of the Buddha with their attention. From Thailand, you can get to neighboring Cambodia to see the legendary Angkor Wat, a temple complex lost in the jungle. It is most convenient to go on such an excursion from Pattaya. At all resorts, boat trips to nearby islands are popular – both one day and overnight. The program usually includes food, snorkeling, diving.


  • Those who have never dealt with the tropical sun should remember that noon here is not the best time for sunbathing, since in just 15 minutes you can get a sunburn. A straw hat or paper umbrella for sun protection is a must.
  • It is customary to leave a tip in restaurants and cafes in the amount of 10% if the service is not included in the bill. In hotels, it is also customary to leave a tip in the amount of 50 baht (1.5 – 2 dollars), especially if you liked the service.
  • Check-out time in hotels is 12 noon. By the rules that exist in almost all hotels in Thailand, you must leave the room before the above time, otherwise you will have to pay for the extra time spent in the room.
  • Do not purchase excursions on the street from dubious volunteer “tour guides”. As a rule, such “services” are associated with the fact that tourists get much more problems than pleasures.
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