Montenegro is a state in southeastern Europe, on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula. Small and cozy Montenegro captivates with its beauty and friendliness. It is a land of contrasts and natural beauty. The clear and clean Adriatic Sea, framed by numerous sandy beaches and bizarre stones, is a unique place to relax.
Holidays in Montenegro promise an unforgettable adventure for everyone who wants to deviate from the usual beach program and calculate in advance not only the cost of the tour, but also the time spent in the resort paradise in order to have time to see all the natural beauties in the mountains and on the coast.


The swimming season in Montenegro starts at the end of April and lasts until the end of October. The sea temperature for seven months ranges from +20 °C to +26 °C. The best time to visit the country is from May to October.


For citizens of Kazakhstan, a visa is not required if the tourist stays in Montenegro for no more than 30 days.


The official currency of Montenegro is the euro (EUR). It will not work to pay in dollars and other currencies – neither legal entities nor individuals accept them. It is better to exchange dollars for euros in a bank. We recommend that you find out in advance the work schedule of the desired department, because there is no single schedule in Montenegro. Some banks work part-time, others only until lunchtime.


The main city of Montenegro – Podgorica is not like any of the European capitals. Here, modernity and antiquity are combined in the most amazing way. The city will appeal to tourists who decide to get to know the Montenegrin culture and national traditions. You can feel the atmosphere of a real Turkish city while walking along the narrow streets of the Stara Varoš district. There are several mosques and a clock tower here. In Podgorica, there is a magnificent architectural structure of the 19th century – the castle of King Nikola with a huge number of paintings, interior items and ancient life placed in it. There are monuments to Alexander Pushkin and Vladimir Vysotsky in the city. Of the most striking architectural sights of Podgorica, one can single out the St. George Church, the Millennium Bridge, the old Vizier Bridge. Tourists with children should visit the Puppet Theater, go to the city museum. 30 km from the Montenegrin capital are the remains of the ancient fortress of Medun. In the local museum of Marko Milyan, you can get a closer look at the history of the country. Nature lovers should go to the famous national park of Montenegro – Lake Skadar. Most tourist itineraries include a visit to the complex of monasteries located on numerous lake islands. Many of them were built in the 14th century and are still active.


  • Buy good insurance, as medicine in the country is not cheap.
  • Book an airport transfer, it’s cheaper than a taxi on the spot
  • Since many excursions include visits to monasteries, it is best to bring appropriate clothing.
  • Take a first aid kit with the most standard medicines: for fever, head, stomach, etc.
  • There are many serpentines in the mountains. Mints, chewing gum, or motion sickness tablets will do the trick.
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