Ninth place in the world in terms of area occupied, striking contrasts of landscapes, always a warm welcome at home, a rich history – this is all about Kazakhstan, comfortably nestled in the very center of the Eurasian continent. Kazakhstan is a country where tourists come from all over the world with pleasure.


The best time to visit Kazakhstan is from March to November. It should be borne in mind that in the summer in the southern regions it can be very hot (up to +40 ° C), and in the northern regions the cold can persist until May and begin as early as September-October. The rest of the time there is not much to do in Kazakhstan: it is cold, windy and rather dirty, so visiting natural attractions is no longer necessary (and they generally do not really want to go out). The average temperature in winter is about -10 … -15 ° C in the south and up to -40 C in the north of the country.


For citizens of Russia and the CIS countries, a visa to Kazakhstan is not required. But it is worth taking out a medical insurance policy for the entire duration of the trip in advance.


The monetary unit of the country is Tenge (KZT), in 1 tenge 100 tiyn. Banks are open from 9:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday. The lunch break is usually from 13:00 to 14:00, however, many banks work without breaks. Saturday and Sunday are days off. You can exchange money at any bank or official exchange office. Receipts are best kept before leaving the country.


  • Lake Issyk. Another name for the lake is Esik, which means “door” in Kazakh, it is a picturesque, alpine lake surrounded by an unusually beautiful nature of dense forests and wide flower fields. The lake is located at an altitude of 1760 meters above sea level, in the Issyk gorge of the Zailiysky Alatau, about 70 km east of Almaty.
  • Bartogay reservoir. The amazingly beautiful Bartogay reservoir is located 186 km from Almaty in the tract of the same name in the floodplain of the Chilik River between the Toraigyr and Sogetty mountains, blocked by a 60-meter stone-fill dam 60 meters high, 330 meters long with a complex of culverts.
  • Charyn Canyon. The unexplored desert area lures with amazing structures made of clay deposits – “Valley of Castles”, “Vedmino”, “Zendan”. Toward evening, the walls of the canyon turn red and begin to shimmer with amazing colors. The Charyn River flows near the canyon, originating from the foothills of the Zailiysky Alatau, near which you can stop for a picnic and refresh yourself. In addition to poplars, tamarisk and reeds growing around, the famous ash grove is also located here.
  • Lake Kaiyndy. Kaiyndy is considered one of the most inaccessible places due to its location in the thick of the forest and the lack of a road. The birch forest that used to be in this place is now flooded and trees grow right in the middle of the lake, making the lake so attractive for tourists. The color of the water often changes due to minerals and lime. If you come closer to the water, it will turn out to be crystal clear and you can see the preserved branches of trees under water and trout, launched here in 1930.
  • Singing Dune. The largest of the known singing dunes reaches three kilometers in length and 150 meters in height. It is unique not only for its ability to “sing”, but also for its location – in the area among the stone mountains. You can hear the singing by sliding down from the top of the dune in dry weather. The buzz is similar to the music of an organ, and it appears due to the friction between the grains of sand, as a result of which they are electrified and vibration occurs.


  • The cost of the trip may vary: if you order a taxi from Almaty to the airport (the same in the opposite direction), the cost starts from 1,500 tenge (4.5 dollars). Keep in mind that all taxi drivers who meet passengers at the exit from the station always quote inflated prices, so it’s better to book a taxi yourself or catch a ride outside the territory.
  • Be prepared for the Kazakh climate, here it is sharply continental. This means that in summer in some regions the air temperature can reach +40-50 degrees, and in winter – -40! In addition, the temperature in the north and south of the country can differ by 10-15 degrees in one period of time.
  • Comfortable shoes are the key to success: there are many pedestrian and park areas in the cities of Kazakhstan, where you will definitely want to walk.
  • Kazakhstanis are hospitable, open and responsive. If you need advice, feel free to ask questions even just to passers-by, they will help you and prompt you in the language they can.
  • Tourists planning a trip around Kazakhstan by car or motorcycle should remember that the distances between cities, villages and auls are very large, and gas stations are not as common as we would like. Therefore, take a spare can of gasoline with you.
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