Egypt is a country of sands and pharaohs, the cradle of cultures and religions, the state of the majestic Nile and luxurious beaches. High-quality and inexpensive holidays at sea and the opportunity to improve your health are perhaps the main reason to choose Egypt. And the Red Sea Reefs are officially recognized as the most beautiful on our planet!


The climate is tropical and subtropical continental (Mediterranean coast). In winter (from December to February) the air temperature is +20..+25°C, in summer (from May to September) +35..+40°C. In winter and spring, dry hot winds “khamsin” often blow. In the coolest months, the water in the sea drops to 20-21 ° C, but not lower, so beach holidays are available here all year round.


A visa before traveling to Egypt is mandatory for Kazakhstanis. Employees of our company will help with all visa issues.


The official currency of the state is the Egyptian pound (LE), which is equal to one hundred piastres. Banknotes and coins are used, there are mosques, statues, images of rulers.
It is best to carry out the exchange at the bank branch at the airport. In hotels and specialized points, in resorts it is less profitable to do this. Money withdrawal terminals are installed in shopping centers, pedestrian zones, halls of many hotel complexes. It is worth paying for goods and services on vacation in cash, since cashless payments are not possible everywhere.


Traditionally, the host country offers various excursions in the country and abroad. While at the hotel, you choose where to go, go: on a cruise, to the Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of the Kings, the small sea, or admire the coral reserve. Tour packages usually include everything from entrance fees to guides if needed. The discount is available for children under the age of 12 (in most cases it is 50%). The cost directly depends on the number of stars in the hotel.


  • Take an unforgettable cruise along the Nile to see mysterious temples along the way, full of secrets of Aswan, Kom Ombo, Esna or Pharaoh Edov.
  • Go scuba diving and calmly look past
  • Napoleon’s swimming fish.
  • Take a picture against the backdrop of the Sphinx without a nose.
  • Visit the catacombs of Kom ash-Shughaf in Alexandria, where a banquet hall for a funeral celebration has been preserved.
  • Count all the columns of ancient Karnak in Luxor.
  • Climb Mount Sinai, where, according to legend, the prophet
  • Moses personally communicated with God.
  • Find the scariest mummy in the Cairo Museum and take a selfie with it!


  • When planning a vacation in the cold season, give preference to Sharm el-Sheikh. The resort has windless bays where you can sunbathe and swim even in the “low” season. When choosing a hotel, study its infrastructure. For winter holidays, complexes with a heated pool and good animation are ideal.
  • On Fridays until 12:00, during prayer, many establishments are closed. This does not apply to hotels. When entering a mosque, it is customary to take off your shoes. Women are allowed to visit the shrine only in closed clothes, their heads should be covered with a scarf. It is unacceptable for men to appear in shorts.
  • Bargain everywhere except boutiques and supermarkets, where a fixed price is indicated on the price tags.
  • Agree on paying for a taxi before the trip and firmly insist on the agreed price.
If you are interested in this direction, we can offer you profitable options for recreation