Clients impression

My first major - Berlin Marathon

The story began with the fact that in January 2022 I won the participation in the lottery for the Berlin Marathon. It was one of the most memorable moments in my life.

Enough time has passed for me to realize what I've experienced. The Berlin Marathon left the brightest impressions. The stars aligned and produced the conditions for a great marathon: perfect running weather - cool and cloudy, great track with minimal climb, incredible support from the Berliners, clear organization of the event, great mood and good physical shape.

I prepared for this marathon for half a year according to the strict program of the coolest coach - Vladimir Borisov @marathon_coach (separate respect). The main thing that I learned from the previous races is that the most important thing which is the psychological attitude, you can’t burden yourself with unnecessary expectations, stress because of things don’t go according to plan, worry about nothing.

The final result is 3 hours 39 minutes, which is 20 minutes faster than the previous marathon and better than my expectations.

For me, the Berlin Marathon was leaded like a big celebration from start to finish! I smiled and thanked the Almighty for such an opportunity to participate in the Major, and even more pleasant is past time with friends and thousands of like-minded people. Thanks to my favorite running school Alau.Pro (strength!), coach Vladimir Borisov, Borisoff Stars group and my tutu!

And I also want to separately thank the 4LMNTS company for organizing the trip: booking a hotel room, buying air tickets, visa support, good mood and high-quality service.

I want to return to the Berlin Marathon as often as possible, this is an incredible event.

And now, we are starting to plan the next running season, I’m already thinking what marathon to run in 2023?

Aituar Koshmambetov
Participant of Berlin Marathon 2022

My travel in Istanbul

I want to express my impressions of my first international start, which took place on March 27, 2022 in Istanbul.

I'll start from the beginning.

It all started with the fact that my running club @ played a slot on the Istanbul half marathon and I immediately wanted to run with my friends.Especially on March 29, a day after the race, my birthday was supposed to be. Therefore, this trip was special for me.

I had no experience on international trips, especially at a running start, so I asked experienced runners and experienced travelers. They advised to contact travel agencies or try to build a route on their own.

I decided to trust @ on the recommendation of my friends who convinced me that everything will be as it should - at a reasonable price and with a full package of services

- How to get to the hotel from the airport

- How to choose and book this hotel, they do not get along with Buking in Turkey

- draw up a plan of moist visits, and so that in 1 day you can capture as many locations as possible so as not to dangle from one point of the city to another

- Be sure to shop! What shopping centers and malls you can go.

- where is the most delicious beam Ekmek, the awesome baklava and in which area you can eat Iskander Kebab

- Well, most importantly - how to take yourself on your birthday!

As you can see, the list turned out to be more tourist, but the help was also in orientation on the race) where to go for the starting, how to get to the starting place in the morning, where to go to drink beer and mark the finish line later. In general, everything was thought out and I could just get high and enjoy the vacation

It was an important start for me and I am very glad that it turned out to run it faster than the planned time and left 1:40, my time is 1:37:56 The highway is high -speed and has a World Athletics Elite Label Race. In 2021, Ruth Chepngeti̇ch, set a female world record in the half marathon - 1:04:02

The route is awesome - you are running along the coast of the Sea of the Sea, enjoy views of the city, on the mosques, then you run to the Galata bridge! I advise all the runners this race to improve personal records, because the highway is gorgeous - lowlands and a minimum set

They say that Istanbul either falls in love with itself at once or not.

I will say one thing - I fell in love with it. It is amazing how one city can be so colorful, cozy, tasty, noisy and bright. I was delighted with my small 7-day vacation and I really want to return more than once to again we have several tens of thousands of steps in the historical and cultural center of Turkey.

Bibinur Bayekenova
Participant of Istanbul Marathon 2022