Berlin Marathon

It’s been a long time. The Berlin Marathon has left a vivid impression. The stars coincided and gave the conditions for a great marathon: perfect running weather – cool and cloudy, a great track with minimal altitude, incredible support from the Berliners, clear organization of the event, a great mood and good physical form.

For this marathon I prepared half a year on the strict program of the coolest coach – Vladimir Borisova @marathon_coach (separate respect). The main thing I learned from the previous races is that the most important thing is the psychological mood, you can not burden yourself with unnecessary expectations, stress because of things that go wrong, worry about trifles.

The final score is 3 hours 39 minutes, which is 20 minutes faster than the previous marathon and better than I expected.

For me, the Berlin Marathon was a big celebration from beginning to end! I smiled and thanked the Almighty for this opportunity to participate in the Major, and what is more pleasant, with friends and thousands of like-minded people. Thanks to the favorite school of running Alau.Pro (strength!), coach Vladimir Borisoff Stars and my pack!

The Berlin Marathon wants to return as often as possible, this incredible event.

Now, we start planning the next running season, so I’m thinking, what marathon do we run in 2023? 🤔