To commemorate my first international launch on 27 March 2022 in Istanbul.

I’ll start at the beginning,
And it all started with my racing club playing the slot for the Istanbul half marathon and I immediately wanted to run it with my friends.

Especially on March 29th, the day after the race was supposed to be my birthday. That’s why this trip was special for me 🥰

Experience in international travel, especially at a running start I did not have, so I asked experienced runners and experienced travelers. Advised to contact travel agencies or try to build the route yourself.
I decided to trust 4LMNTS.KZ on the recommendation of my friends, who convinced me that everything will be right – at a reasonable price and with a full package of services
– how to get from the airport to the hotel,
– how to choose and book this hotel, in Turkey do not get along with booking
– to make a plan of places must visit, and so that 1 day you could capture as many locations as possible, so as not to wander from one point of the city to another
– absolutely shopping! what shopping malls and shopping malls you can go to
– where is the most delicious balyk ecmek, amazing baklava and in what area you can eat iskander kebab 😋
And the most important thing – what to do on your birthday!

As you can see, the list turned out to be more tourist, but the help was also in the orientation of the Race) where to go after the start, as in the morning to get to the starting point in advance, where to go to drink beer and mark the finish. Anyway, everything was thought out and I just had to get high and enjoy my vacation 🥰

It was an important start for me and I am very glad that I managed to run it faster than planned time and came out of 1:40, my time is 1:37:56 ❤️

The track is fast and has a World Athletics Elite Label Race. In 2021, Ruth Chepngeti (Ruth Chepngeti ch), set a women’s world record in the half marathon – 1:04:02 🚀
The route is awesome – run along the coast of the Marmara Sea, enjoy views of the city, the mosques, then run to the Galata Bridge! I recommend this race to all runners to improve personal records, because the track is gorgeous – a low and minimum climb ⚡️

They say that Istanbul either falls in love with itself immediately or not.
I will say one thing – I fell in love with him. Amazing how one city can be so colorful, cozy, tasty, noisy and bright. I stayed in delight of my small 7-day vacation and I really want to come back and more than once again to our several tens of thousands of steps in the historical and cultural center of Turkey